Sandhofer Family

Over the years we had been doing some savings for our three children to attend college.  As the time was fast approaching for our oldest child to begin to make those types of decisions, we felt overwhelmed.  We knew we should be doing more both financial and in the way of college planning for our child.  We did not know exactly where to begin and how.

Sandhofer FamilyWe got in contact with Ryan & Eagle College Planning through a college planning session at the high school.  We began meeting with Ryan and our son began to meet with one of the college planners.  These meetings helped our son to narrow down what he was interested in studying and to begin looking at colleges.  This was a great help as it made him focus and realize this was a big decision.

On the financial side, Ryan helped us to see our possibilities clearer and to help us realize we could still have a retirement and help put the children through college.

We felt more in control of our financial future and felt we had a road map which to follow.  We no longer worry about the ups and downs of the market which was a big relief for us.

Now we feel as if we are part of a bigger family and have a place to go to with our questions and concerns.  We have a group of people that are helping us through this time of change with our children as we help them to become independent and responsible adults.

~ Rachel & Jim Sandhofer, Pickerington, OH ~