Jennifer K.

It was a little over a year ago when I was completing my Junior year of High School, that my family and I were introduced to the College Planning Network from one of Ryan Fleming’s seminars. There were so many things that we were uncertain of and many topics that we had no experience with.

Ryan presented CPN in a no-pressure format. We decided to meet further and discuss possibilities. With this being a turning point in my life, we knew we needed to be as informed as possible to be comfortable and to take advantage of all the opportunities that are out there. We knew what was in store we just didn’t really know where to start. All of the deadlines, applications, along with visits, processes, scholarships, loans, grants…. It can be overwhelming.

Thats when I first went in to consult with Ryan. I can remember feeling overwhelmed because I was interested in everything, I didn’t want to choose a major there and then, so we made a chart. Ryan asked me to make a list of the 6 schools I liked, their size, location, cost, etc. I was introduced to the Discover webpage which allowed me to take interest inventories to help me decide on my major. From there on out essentially I based the schools that I considered on the major I wanted. I went from Fashion Merchandising to Psychology to Nutrition and Fitness to Dietetics. Ryan helped me to narrow my focus, choose a school based on it’s program and consider the size based on it’s fit with me.

I have been accepted to Ohio Northern University. There, I will be studying Exercise Physiology.

My parents also enjoyed the benefits of CPN with regard to the FAFSA application, Financial offers and their review, recommendations to re-apply for financial aid. Tomorrow I am about to go across the stage and receive my High School diploma. When I attend Ohio Northern in the Fall, I will be executing my Plan. The plan that Ryan and the College Planning Network helped me to develop. Be sure to have a plan! Don’t let College Planning overwhelm you!

~ Jennifer K., Columbus, OH ~