Bob & Tanya H.

We just wanted to say thank you for all you have done in helping us get our son, Jarrod, ready for college. A year ago, we saw an ad in the paper for one of your free seminars at the Gahanna library, and thought, let’s go and see what they have to offer. Being very skeptical, I thought that we would get just enough info, and then be told to set up a meeting to be “hooked” into a program that would be a joke. But I was dead wrong.

With the way you have showed us how to help out not only our sons for college, but also our retirement, pointing out not just to look at the college costs for each year but the total package they offer, and pointing out good schools that we would not even have thought about for the field Jarrod wanted to go into, I could not feel better about the way it was all handled.

You have helped out so much and made it so easy for us, that I cannot thank you enough. Not only filling out all the forms that are needed, but also pointing out how and where to get the funding needed, and steering us away from the unhelpful things the colleges try to get parents to do.

I know that you will say you were just doing your job, but thank you for all you have done.

~ Bob & Tanya H., Canal Winchester, OH ~

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