Our Mission

We provide customized solutions for families who want to send their children to the right school for the right price, without adversely impacting their retirement goals.

As part of our mission to help guide our clients through the maze of financial decisions facing you each day, we offer late-stage college planning services for parents with students who will be attending college in the near future.

Our main emphasis is on families with college-bound children who are sophomores through seniors in high school, but we can also help families with younger children put together a solid plan to comfortably pay for their future higher education expenses. We also offer a wide range of safer financial strategies and general financial planning services.

How Can We Help Your Family?

  • Our college planning specialists will help you find the best schools for your child based on their interests and your budget.
  • Many parents believe financial aid may be unavailable to them because of a high income or home ownership, but this is not necessarily the case. We will work with you to help make sure you receive the largest financial aid package available to you, regardless of your income or family situation.
  • Our qualified advisors will work one-on-one with your student(s) to clarify and define their interests and make sure they are on the right pathway to college and career success.
  • We will provide you with a detailed college planning checklist and timeline to make sure everything gets done on time, and maximize your chances of qualifying for financial aid.
  • We will guide you step-by-step through the entire college and financial aid process to help you avoid errors that could end up costing you thousands of dollars.
  • Most importantly, we’ll show you how to develop a strategic plan to pay for any out-of-pocket portion of your child’s college costs in the most efficient and tax-favored manner possible.

To learn more, just choose a location from our list of upcoming workshops and register for a FREE college planning workshop in your area. There is no cost and no obligation, and you will learn the ins and and outs of the college planning process, and what you can do to build a successful college plan for your family!